Artist Teaser // Julien Bayle

Photo: Aur//L

Julien Bayle ALPHA A/V Live performance a little preview.

ALPHA is the codename of an audio-visual performance by Julien Bayle.

It involves sounds, visuals and algorithmic sequencing providing a unique experience for the audience in which sounds and visuals are melting into a dense, coherent and minimalistic artwork matter.

From physical approach of the sound to customized algorithmic sequencers controlled in real-time on stage, ALPHA a/v live performance explores sounds and visuals fields and how one is related to the other by pushing and moving limits or walls between these creative fields.

Architecture is also both a big influence for the visuals and even the composition. Indeed, brutalism movement is one of the main source of inspiration of the artist who tries to import the underlying concepts into his own art, whatever it can be between sound, music, visual form & data interpretation.

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